Cat Wedding with the Cat Tuxedo Deluxe!

This afternoon attended it’s first cat wedding with both animals sporting the Cat Tuxedo Deluxe! See below for some of the pictures and the Wedding Announcement.

“Copernicus Robertson and Magellan Haroticus exchanged wedding vows on January 22nd, 2012 at a secluded beach side location near Malibu, California. The Reverend Mark Petlove performed the ceremony. Music was provided by Furry Fandom.

The bride was a former stray cat, adopted on during her second week of life from the streets of Beverly Hills.

The groom is a graduate of Center Hill Training School.

The rehearsal dinner was hosted by the brides owners the night before.

The ceremony was beautiful; however the groom had cold feet during the vows, and tried to chase a piece of string from a guest’s frayed garment.”